Mountain biking in alpine regions has become increasingly popular in recent years. For tourist destinations or regions the mountain bikers are an interesting target group that can complement summer tourism as a new guest group and generate added value.


BikePlan specializes in developing bike-specific concepts for efficient destination development, implementing market-oriented trails or creating lighthouse projects that can be optimally marketed. Thanks to participatory and interdisciplinary planning processes, tourism destinations, municipalities or mountain railways can use our know-how to develop attractive offers and sustainably increase their summer tourist potential.


Potential estimates for new or upgraded trails and facilities


Concept development for tourist destinations

Spatial planning implementation

Route homologations, approval procedures, technical dossiers, etc.

competence centre

Head of Competence Centere and overall coordination of all planning and construction measures on site


BikePlan AG

Bike specific Destination Development
and Spatial Planning

Office Bern: 

Marktgasse 50 | 3011 Bern | Switzerland                       

Office Zermatt: 

Bahnhofplatz 3 | 3920 Zermatt | Switzerland                               I +41 31 521 68 00

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