You like to talk during your coffee break about the latest bikes, the best nature experiences and about cold brewed coffee? 9am to 5pm is not so cool for you?

You are looking for an extremely flexible job where you can live it up? 

 Then we are your dream company!


Everyone can brew as much coffee for you as you need. 

Our office is really nice. If you don't believe us, just drop by...

With us you can get on your bike in the morning and work in the afternoon. No problem!

You hate meaningless work? So do we... Unfortunately we also have administrative work from time to time, only as much as necessary, I promise!

Humor is part of our team, like pedaling your bike. 

You want to impress your colleagues with the latest technology on your bike? Thanks to our partners this is even affordable...


At the moment we have no vacancies... but Remy is looking forward to your CV!