BikePlan AG specializes in developing contemporary and interdisciplinary concepts and master plans relating to mountain biking and cycling. By means of spatial planning preliminary clarifications, tourist analyzes, tours / inspections, participatory involvement of local players and workshops, far-reaching topic areas can be recorded and worked on. Be it for the preparation of municipal or regional plans, destination development, visitor guidance, project planning of new trails or facilities, the solutions of the Bikeplan AG are well thought out, innovative and still always pragmatic.


BikePlan AG

Bike specific Destination Development
and Spatial Planning

Office Bern: 

Marktgasse 50 | 3011 Bern | Switzerland                       

Office Zermatt: 

Bahnhofplatz 3 | 3920 Zermatt | Switzerland                               I +41 31 521 68 00

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